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“The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve been and the memories you make along the way”

Dee McClelland

Dee McClelland

Commonwealth Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Your day, your ceremony; to make it truly memorable entrust a celebrant who wants the best outcome for you. I will keep it light, bright and ensure it is done absolutely right!

A bit about your celebrant.
Becoming a Commonwealth Authorised Marriage Celebrant is one of the best things I have ever done – I just love this role. My clients tell me they are drawn to me for my warmth and sincerity and choose me as their celebrant because of my creative collaboration and professionalism.

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Anita + Kim

The ceremony that Dee performed was amazing and very heart-felt by everyone that attended. Dee was natural and light-hearted which put not only the guests at ease but also the two of us. While our day was a success and one of real committed love for each other, Dee’s...

Steve + Bri

Dee you were amazing at capturing both of us in the ceremony and making us feel so comfortable. Everyone loved the ceremony and we can’t recommend you highly enough. Thank you for so much for all the effort that you put into looking after us, the work began well...

Kim + Andrea

Kim and Andrea,  Our wedding day was perfect and exactly what we wanted for our day; fun, warm, mostly fun!As a celebrant you were relaxed and easy going. You were open to changes and feedback on the ceremony. You captured a number of pieces we were unable to...

Jess + Karli

Jess and Karli chose me as their celebrant for a number of reasons; they loved the imagery on the website and in particular the shot of the dog in a tuxedo, and upon our first meeting, we seemed to just hit it off immediately – a lot of laughter and excitement right...

Taryn + Richard

Taryn and Richard had organized a wonderful outdoor venue in the National Rhododendron garden in Olinda. As they crew were setting up the weather turned a little inclement – thankfully there was a weather option and we were able to have the ceremony in a lovely...

Prudence + Jayden

Jayden and Prudence took the time to organize their wedding party for a rehearsal well before the wedding. While we couldn’t set up in the same area that the wedding was being held, it was still reassuring for the wedding party to know exactly where we would be on the...

Margaret + Darren

Hi Dee,  You were amazing and made our day so very special. We cannot thank you enough. We will promote you so much as everyone we spoke to last night said you were amazing. Thank you so much for making our day fun, serious, fun and memorable. Love Margaret and...

Jim + Bernadette

Dee,   On behalf of Bernadette and myself I’d like to thank you for a job well done. You went to a lot of extra trouble to get our ceremony organised in such a short time, which we are very grateful for. The wedding was great and I will highly recommend you to others...

Francia + Nadan

Dee,  We appreciated the help and caring you showed to make sure our wedding was a special day. We were both very happy with the time you spent during the rehearsal of our traditional wedding ceremonies and the time you spent on the wedding day too. We both really...

Deb + Bill

Hi Dee,  Bill and I were so happy to have you as our celebrant. You were cheerful and bright despite the wet weather. You gave us the support we needed to get things just right for the ceremony and on the day made our guests feel relaxed, welcome and involved.Thank...

Making a difference when it counts the most.


If you want your Wedding day to go like a dream you are guaranteed a stress-free, wonderful celebration.


If you want the celebration of the life of a loved one to be respectful and memorable, I can take care of that for you and your family.

Cherished memories

With a family of my own, I understand the incredible importance of creating happy life-long memories at each milestone in life.


My career spans thirty years. I am a qualified Toastmaster and have been creating and delivering presentations and speeches for many years. You will find I am relaxed, informative and creative with each ceremony.

While my business is based in the South Eastern Suburbs; I’m happy to work with clients from Gippsland through to the greater Melbourne area – just call and chat!

“Being a part of some of life’s milestones, whether it is celebrating the love that brings a couple, families and friends together; welcoming a new life into the world with a naming ceremony or having the privilege of guiding people through the memorial service of a dearly departed love one, is the most rewarding and fulfilling career.”

Dee McClelland

Commonwealth Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Services I provide.


Marriage Ceremony


Vow renewal


Memorial Service


Commitment Ceremony


Master of Ceremony (MC)


Launching of Boats


Naming Ceremonies




Pet Funerals

Let’s Chat

So, you’ve decided that you’d like to meet up? Or maybe you’re not sure yet and just have some questions you’d like to ask first? Fill in the form with any questions you may have along with how best to reach you and I will get in touch as soon as possible. I look forward to speaking with you.

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